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Giclee: canvas and paper prints

We accept Photoshop native files (PSD), TIFF, JPEGs. When sending JPEGs, please use the high quality option to avoid extreme compression. Extreme file compression can lead to a dramatic loss in quality. JPEGs are preferred.

Digital file resolution for giclee inkjet printing needs to be ideally 150 PPI (Pixels per Inch) at the size you wish to be printed. For example a 16"X20" file should be 16"X20" at 150 PPI.

We realize that many digital cameras do not have the initial resolution to print large sizes at 150 PPI. We have interpolation scripts that can in most cases boost to the necessary specifications.

Because of the high quality and color gamut of our canvas and paper printing, we recommend working in the Adobe RGB 1998 color space. Do not convert your RGB files to CMYK.

If starting with a CMYK file, please leave it as is. We will convert to Adobe RGB before printing. Be advised that our giclee printers can render a wider gamut than CMYK.

sRGB files are accepted as well but are not the ideal color space. If we receive files without a color space specification, we will convert to sRGB and then to Adobe 1998 to print your giclee.

Black and white images should be sent in grey scale format. We have proprietary profiles capable of rendering absolutely beautiful and neutral tones.

If creating computer art, check for color gamut. Many computer generated files simply cannot be reproduced with fidelity because of extremely bright colors. For proofing your images on screen, see soft proofing for giclee printing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.